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At BEST BUY the focus is on extended warranty sales because that's where they make all their money$$$
They don't believe they make any money by giving good customer service because that's a long term investment and they're in it for short term gains. Soon they'll be gone like Circuit City or just an Internet business where they'll be able to take "customer service" to a brand new low.

Customer service
 is dead at Best Buy!

I will never shop there again. I tried to return a printer I purchased a month ago that I never opened and ultimately I had no use for. I waited in line with several other people while 2 customer reps tried to handle all the customers. Meanwhile there are a half dozen other employees standing around in la la land. After standing there for 15 minutes someone finally "helped" me. I was then informed that because the item was not returned in 15 days I could not have a refund. Now, I could understand that policy if I had opened the box or even used it and was dissatisfied but
I had the receipt and it was never used or opened. I have spent a lot of money over the years at Best Buy and explained that to the young pup whose authority overrode his power of reason. He wasn't going to be flexible. He would rather lose a good customer and potentially a lot of money than refund me $100.00. He would also rather I advertise the experience to everyone I know. I decided I would complain to the customer "service" at corporate. Wasted call. After being on hold for several minutes, I finally talked with someone who further frustrated me. He argued for the policy and that the store was going to enforce their policy. He said, "you had plenty of time to return the printer within the 15 days unless you were in the hospital or something like that." Oh, there is flexibility. You can get a refund as long as you're sick enough to be hospitalized. Thumbs way down."

But don't just take our word for it. Just GOOGLE "Best Buy Sucks and get literally thousands of similar complaints. HERE ARE JUST A FEW:

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IF ANYONE FROM BEST BUY WANTS TO HAVE THEIR SIDE OF THIS STORY TOLD ...... You may send it to us: dan@badderbusinessbureau.com and we'll post it here. Additionally if a response by Best buy satisfies the customer we'll immediately remove this posting in it's entirety.




SilverStar Satellite

7211 NE Hazel Dell Ave
Vancouver WA 98665

I bought a DISH Satellite Tailgater portable antenna from these people. I could have bought it for significantly less several places on the Internet and on EBay. But when I called them and told them about the Internet pricing they talked about their service and you never know what you're getting on the Internet. I bought it from them and it worked for a week or 2 and died. I took it back and she was TOTALLY not interested. Didn't care to test it. Didn't want anything to do with it or me. "I don't repair those! You have to ship it back to Dishnet." Didn't even give me their address or anything. Don't get me wrong. They were very very nice when I bought it. But once they have your money it's a different story. They have a bunch of videos on YouTube and some talk about "service". Hah. What a crock. My advice if you deal with these people is to get EVERYTHING in writing and if you expect any service you may want to look elsewhere. You're a lot better off just buying on the Internet since if you have any problems you have to ship it back anyway. IT DIDN'T LAST 2 WEEKS AND THEY WOULDN'T EXCHANGE IT OR REFUND IT OR GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY!

CHASE gives an entire new meaning to the phrase "customer service"
CHASE a financial services/investment banking firm with operations in several countries. One person describes them as being Aloof
Haughty Pompous Scolding Rude Arrogant & Cold.

  If you really have no desire for good service and want to deal with a bank who could care less about customer satisfaction then open an account with Chase. They are "C-O-L-D As Ice" to deal with and have no problem letting you know that they don't give a damn if you do business with them or not.

"Hey Target. Russia called and they want their return policy back!

Target stores have the worst return policy of any major store chain I have ever seen. Check out their return policy before you buy anything from them. Read it from start to finish. if you do you may never buy anything from them again. i'm not saying not to buy from target. I am just saying that before you make a purchase from target, read their return policy and if you are like me, you'll just leave the store and buy elsewhere.
TARGET: Obviously not looking for repeat business??? 

Century One Builders
Customer Claims Reliant Capitol LLC (Century One Builders) Ruined Their Home
In Phoenix Arizona, we paid Reliant Capitol LLC (Century One Builders) over $26k in full to replace all 37 windows in our home to upgrade our home. Since then, we are in a multi-year battle to fix our home. The AZ Registrar of Contractors ordered them to fix my home on June 9, 2009. As of today,2 years later, my house is still falling apart. We created a website to make their tactics public. http://www.reliantruinedmyhouse.com
I’d like to see if this would be appropriate for your forum.
Thank you,
RV PRO in Vancouver, Washington
 Not so "PRO" fessional???
RV PRO in Vancouver, Washington
 Not so "PRO" fessional???
RV Pro is an RV repair business in Vancouver, Washington. They are just off the I-5 freeway and a few miles from Portland, Oregon. Some consumers are saying that they can be very difficult to deal with and that they don't care who likes it or not. We got a complaint from a very upset customer and we'll be posting more details here soon.....   more....
Email From Customer not happy with Affordable Kitchens
I just dealt with a company who does counter top replacement and cabinet refacing. They are AFFORDABLE KITCHENS LLC in Portland and Vancouver, Washington. Their prices are low but their service is really terrible so I guess you get what you pay for. We paid them to get new counter tops and they installed them and damaged our walls, wanted to offer a really really Mickey Mouse cheap patch-up that would have looked terrible. They damaged one of our walls and did not tell us as we found damage after they left our home. Great way to do business! Subsequently I called to ask a question about a sink they installed and now they won't return the call. Guess they're pissed that we were not happy with their sloppy work and the damage they did to our house. My opinion is shop around and get some info about who will be doing the installing. Next time we'll do a little more homework instead of going for a low price and ending up with a company who DOESN'T RETURN PHONE CALLS.
unhappy in Vancouver, Washington

BUYER BEWARE!!! - What a scam! DIET MAX @ 1.800.320.2983 (Acai Max Cleanse)


 - I placed an order for a free Trial Offer, fo the cost of of Shipping & handling only on Sept 30, 2010 @ 11:05 PM (Mtn Standard time)
 - Within 12 hours of placing the order, I was contacted by James who identified himself as an affiliet sales rep as one of this Companies suppliers, he stated he got my contact info from  them and was trying to sell me additional product for a low price.
 - I told James to hit the road and not to contact me again, as I did not provide him my contact # they came by it by violating Privacy Laws, that I did not want to hear from him again
 - I was soooooooo pissed about them providing my contact info to an outside source that I called the "Customer Service" # provided on the order form I'd printed to cancel my order (or rather my "Enrollment" as they called it on their terms & conditions) which stated that the enrollment would be terminated if canceled within 7 days.
 - Well, I called them within 12 hours of placing the order, (by 5:15PM Oct 1, 2010) and spoke to CSR - Shane Operator# 198, who told me that he would send me an email to cancel. I asked why? As per their own terms & conditions, It only took a phone call.  I also tore a strip off of him about providing my information to an unauthorized source, and said that I wanted the trial and all to be canceled. He kept saying that he would send an email that would have to be completed. He also continued to try to sell me the product.
 - I never did get the email as promised to cancel, and thus assumed that common sense had taken over as PER their OWN Terms & Conditions, it say's you have to call within 7 days to cancel
 - Well a few days (Oct 4, 2010) later I check my online Credit card stmt and see that they have charged my card 2 separate smaller charges, and I assume that I was too late in canceling the trial offer, and they had already sent it. Which if necessary I would have accepted as I had ordered the free trial offer, agreeing to pay S/H.
 - Well I check my credit card stmt again another few weeks later (today, Oct 23, 2010) and  note they had now placed an UNAUTHORIZED charge on my Credit card of $87.13 USD = $91.00 CDN on the 7th of October 2010. 6 days AFTER I had CANCELED the enrollment. - Is this not a fraudulent act?
 - So I called the company and they kept me on hold of and on for the next 2.5 hours, They said they have record of me calling to cancel but that I never completed the email that was sent out.
 - What a joke I advised that's because I NEVER GOT THE EMAIL to cancel. I had serious arguments about this with 3 different Customer Service Rep's I spoke with.
 - Each time I spoke to a CSR I asked to speak with a Supervisor and kept getting put on hold for longer & longer each time just to be put through to another CSR.
 - Finally BEYOND livid and two and a half  hours later, I got a Supervisor, who said that if I didn't get the cancellation email, I should have called them again? ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME? I how in the hell does chasing YOUR staff to do THEIR job, fall on my list of responsibilities? I don't work there. I did my due diligence and called to cancel AS INSTRUCTED on their own TERMS and CONDITIONS. How does that work. He would NOT agree to refund my Credit card and advised that I would have to fill out the cancellation email.
 - Throughout the whole process of trying to cancel each CSR I continued to speak with was of NO assistance and all of them continued to try to sell me additional product even though I was trying to cancel!

PLEASE HELP ME with getting the word out there, or doing something about these SCAMMERS, please send this message on to anywhere and everywhere else appropriate, to warn additional potential consumers about this bunch of scammers!!!    Thank you! 

C. Hildebrandt

My thoughts on the Seattle Mariners: I have a new slogan for the Mariners. Something they could print on T-Shirts and then sell to fans. The new slogan: 


My thoughts about weddings when extended warranty salesmen get married:
Why do they throw shit on the walls at an extended warranty salesmen's wedding?
ANSWER: To keep the flies off the bride.

oh  ... oh,  that's not all ........
QUESTION: An extended warranty salesman was walking through a pasture and stopped to view the landscape. He looked down and saw he'd been standing in a fresh pile of cow shit. Why did he start crying?
ANSWER: He thought he was melting.

oh .... oh  ... oh,  there's more ........
An extended warranty salesman walks in to a pizza place and orders a pizza. The pizza guy asks him, "Should I cut it into six pieces or eight?" and the extended warranty salesman answers, "Cut it into six; I couldn't eat eight."


What Are The Biggest Rip-Offs?

The 2 biggest rip-offs We keep seeing and hearing about are Extended Warranties and Rebates

  • Extended Warranties are the worst thing consumers can buy.
  • Rebates are often a waste of time. Some companies just don't do anything until they hear from people complaining about not receiving their rebates.



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